Asanja Moru is a Luxury Bush camp located amid the Rocky Islands known as Moru Kopjes inside Serengeti National Park which plays host to the most amazing wildlife spectacle in East Africa. Another pinnacle point of Moru is the Gong Rock where one can view a series of Masai Paintings and just to the east lies the saline Lake Magadi, a Paradise for Flamingos.

The exclusive Asanja Moru camp provides you with an authentic luxury bush camping experience. Asanja Moru camps area is best known for its enormous herbivore migration led by over a million zebra and wildebeest, a vast voracious lawnmower which in turn provides sustenance for a glut of predators.

Asanja Moru Camp has Seven ensuite Individual Luxury bush tents and One (two-bedroom ensuite) family tent. Asanja Moru is very exclusive and provides exemplary service. Each Asanja Moru Tent represents a special Masai ceremony and has a story to tell.

All Asanja Moru tents are Ensuite and are distinct and unique in their individual character, personalized and embellished in African style and culture.

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