Tanzania has the most beautiful Honeymoon safaris destinations where you can witness an abundance of nature’s beauty, romantic untouched beaches, and magnificent wildlife. That is what unforgettable memories are made of. And nowhere in Africa will you find greater herds of elephants still roaming freely. That is where the night sky is sequinned with a million stars, and where lions can be spotted moving across a clearing in the dawn light. Honeymoon safari in Tanzania’s national park and tropical island beaches always create incredible memories.

The wilderness and the white sandy beaches find their way into the hearts of all who visit Tanzania and especially into the hearts of honeymooners. Choosing your Honeymoon destination is a big decision and needs to be planned in detail. We would be delighted to organize it for you to meet your personal individual wishes.

We are as familiar with Tanzania’s national parks, the game reserve, and the most beautiful and quietest beach areas for complete relaxation, tranquillity, and seclusion as the elephant is familiar with his trunk! Eyes 4 Nature Safaris understands that it is the details that truly matter. What’s more, is that many of our Honeymoon couples become lifelong guests and it is special to have moments in the wilderness to mark the different chapters of your life together. So let’s begin…

But what sets this experience apart is the emphasis on creating a space, both on the game drive and in the lodge, safari campsites, and at the beach resort, where the couple receives special Honeymoon services with an authentic combination of wilderness safari and beach experiences. Eyes 4 Nature Safaris wants to give you the perfect honeymoon.

Adventure, romance, and the finer things in life… are the Eyes 4 Nature’s Honeymoon Safari Recipe

It is our greatest wish that your Eyes 4 Nature Honeymoon Safari in Tanzania’s national parks and tropical coastal beaches lives on in your hearts for the rest of your lives.


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