our-vision-and-mission - photo by D. Eric Johnson


Eyes 4 Nature’s mission- is to provide sustainable and quality tour services and to support the global movement of sustainable tourism by ensuring local community development and environmental conservation. We aim to minimize the negative impacts of climatic change and be an active contributor to our local community’s economic development.


Our vision is to be a leader in providing and promoting eco-friendly safari experiences to Tanzania- bound tourists whilst encouraging conservation initiatives on the ground and conducting our business in an ethical manner. We have a long-term vision for our company because we believe there needs to be continuous planning and implementation to preserve, protect and conserve the natural resources of Tanzania so as to ensure a sustainable future for the people, flora, and fauna of the country.


  1. Privately guided safari
    As you have a private safari vehicle and a dedicated guide for your entire trip in Tanzania. It gives you the flexibility to plan every day as you wish.
  2. Positive impact on the environment
    Providing sustainable tour services and protecting our wilderness areas and surrounding communities is a key part of who we are.
  3. Commitment to hospitality, proficiency, and quality
    Rely on us to arrange anything you may need, with a high level of quality throughout your stay with us.
  4. Positive linkages within the local community
    As you travel with us we automatically create local linkages through our tours with the rural underprivileged communities living on the periphery, thus giving them the opportunity to profit from tourism.

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