A family safari in Tanzania allows for family togetherness during meal times and out on game drives. It will also provide time for relaxation or adventurous activities for each member of the family. Your Eyes 4 Nature safari guide will meet your family and will plan with you what your family wishes to experience on safari. We also provide programs adapted for children on safari.

There is something for everyone on a family safari in Tanzania’s national parks and tropical island beaches. If a family comes to us we believe that it is essential to aim the game drive experience at the children. That means the time spent in the vehicle looking for animals becomes a wonderful learning experience for the young and provides an opportunity for the family to interact together.

Our family safari vehicles have been specially converted for maximum space and comfort. They all have top-up roofs and sliding windows to facilitate good viewing and convenient photography during game drives and sightseeing.

All our family safari vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, radio calls, and sockets for charging electronic devices. Each vehicle has a fridge on board so that the family can enjoy nice cold drinks while on safari. Your Eyes 4 Nature guide will often stop for our young guests to jump out for a break. We recognize that a four-hour game drive can be a long time for a child to sit still. We believe it is essential to give the children an opportunity to get off so they can touch, feel, smell their surroundings and identify tracks.

Between game drives and after hearty meals, the activities for young guests are as varied as their individual personalities.

A day on safari for a family will be a magical one. From observing elusive leopards draped in trees, and spotting elephants drinking from a waterhole, to enjoying a cup of coffee in a riverbed together. Make sure to pack your camera! There will be many moments you’ll want to capture and remember forever. Are you ready for a family safari adventure in Tanzania?


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