Asanja Grumeti is a Luxury Tented Camp located in the Western corridor of the Serengeti and plays host to the most amazing wildlife spectacle in East Africa. The Asanja Grumeti camp is open all year round as this area has spectacular wildlife all year with so many resident animals including a Lion Pride staying close to the camp.

To add, every year, thousands of Wildebeest take a plunge to cross the glittering waters of the Grumeti River. The River is well known for its population of hippos and Gigantic Nile crocodiles. The Lush Riparian forest that shades the river is home to the Rare Colobus Monkeys. Asanja Grumenti is well hidden amongst the open woodlands of the Nyasarori Plains, famous for large herds of elephants and a good concentration of wildlife.

With only 3 Private Guest Tents, Asanja Grumeti offers complete exclusivity and a wild experience. The Tents are spacious and have been designed as an inspiration from the modern Era with Modern amenities.

Each Tent is an En-suite with an outdoor shower and a Private Veranda with exceptional land and Marsh views. The camp leaves no footprints and offers a true safari experience as comfortably as possible.

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